Aquariums and fishkeeping have been a part of my life for many years now. I have been an aquarium fishkeeper on and off for around 45 years. During this time I have kept standard tropical fish, Oscars, Discus and marines.

I find that fishkeeping seems to go in cycles (forgive the pun) with improvement upon improvement being made until the interest wanes a little. I also find that at this time it is best for the sake of your livestock to find a new and good home for them.

I have previously kept Discus fish in a 30 aquarium centralised filtration system. At one time I was keeping over 80 different Discus fish of different strains and sizes. I was able to successfully sell quite a few of these fish to fellow hobbyists and hopefully bring a few more people who wouldn't normally have kept Discus into the hobby. 

This site is now mainly an archive of my previous aquaria. I currently only keep a small system with a pair of clownfish and most of the articles are now several years old. Hopefully you will still find something of interest within.