Psychedelic Mandarin Training

Psychedelic mandarins are beautiful fish. In the wild, these fish feed almost exclusively on small live foods. In the aquarium environment, mandarins will hunt down copepods which are usually found within the live rock. However, this population will soon deplete and the fish will slowly starve in the aquarium. You can now purchase mandarin feeder packs, but that is expensive. Culturing your own pods is the easier and cheaper option. Mandarins can also be trained to accept frozen mysis, gels and even pellets, but they are slow to get to the food, and are often outcompeted by quicker fish (clowns, tangs, cardinals, etc).

I am collecting a small, young female psychedelic mandarin, which in the fish shop is feeding on live brine shrimp. I have a small aquarium set up with sand, heater, live rock and caulerpa. I have also been lucky enough to be sent a mandarin feeder to try by a forum acquaintance. This is a small box with an entrance large enough for the mandarin and small enough for other fish. The idea is to teach the fish that food is delivered to a safe environment where it can eat in comfort. This page will follow my trials with this beautiful fish

Note: This method will work equally well for spotted mandarins and scooter blennies