Marine Aquarium Introduction



Over the years I have kept many different varieties of fish. I have up until now kept four marine aquariums, all with varying results. My first attempt was in 1996 with a standard 48"x 15"x 15" tank. This tank was marine fishkeeping at it's most basic, you will be able to see not very good quality pictures of them in a new window by clicking hereand here.

The benefits of live rock were only just being discovered at the time these photos were taken. Filtration was carried out by undergravel plates and two powerheads. A 2" coral gravel substrate was laid on top and decor was provided by tufa rock. I was able to successfully keep 2x sea cucumbers, damsels, clowns, leather coral and mushroom polyps.

Banggai & Bubble Tip Anemone

Two years later, I dipped my fingers in the water of marine keeping again and maintained a smaller tank, more pictures and a description can be found by clicking here.

In October 2005, after being told by the Wife earlier in the year that the Discus tanks had to go, I once again decided to keep marine fish, only this time to do it "properly". You can follow the set up procedures, my successes and losses by clicking here.

I started to culture some of the corals that are kept in my system. Coral Frag examples can be seen on the fragging page.

Training a mandarin to eat frozen food and pellets can be challenging. The mandarin feeder is something I am trying, follow my attempts a conversion.