Improved DIY Aquarium Algae Scrubber

Following on from the Basic DIY algae scrubber, my new algae scrubber arrived in the post (many thanks Martin on the MFUK forumfor scrubber and pics) and it looks like this:


Algae Scrubber 26 Algae Scrubber 27
Algae Scrubber 25  


Martin was good enough to customise it to fit in my sump, and as you can see, Morrisons appear to sell a 30w cfl bulb of which there are 4. This scrubber now has the equivalent of 600w of light, 300w on each side, so come on algae, bring it on!!!


Algae Scrubber 28 Algae Scrubber 29


The new algae scrubber was fitted to the sump on the 14th May 2011. I have already cleaned the screens once (21st May 2011) and removed some slime algae, but the good news is that the algae is now turning from a dark green to a lighter shade of green. Martin also provided a 4000lph pump which I may try, to see if more flow really does give better results.